For a moment, my veins were on fire

Alight with Your power and might.

I had been swept by the threat of the Enemy’s wings;

His beauty, his torment, his plight

You will die, he whispered to me

Very soon, and painfully.

I know not what he expected, nor

What singing fear was rebuked.

But the threats did not sting

For my heritage brings

Courage; the heartiest thing.

I SNARLED “so be it then,

I’ll die as I lived,

Shouting praise to the King!”

For He does not bow to your suffering.



I felt again, your presence came
Your warmth renewed, no longer ash
In my arms, not seizing, not shrieking
Soft and living… safe once more

But you are gone. Each new breath, empty morning
You are torn from me fresh, the
Wound never closing.

Will I ever get used to your absence?

I almost pray you’d stop coming to me
Allow the blood to congeal
But if the only way you can be
Means me weeping over you in my sleep

Then bring me the dreams.

Give me dreams

I think
They’ll come for me again
In the dark.

When I close my eyes
My dreams teem with the undead

Choices I have yet to make and
Faces that return from decades passed
Loom at out me through crooked ruins.

I am a seeker of stories through the night
I live the fear so I may learn to write.

Dreams are a constant blessing to me
They remind my heart what is significant
By contrasting what is not.

I give thanks to the dream-weaver…
I give also nighttime and a blank slate.