There is such a strong memory in me

concrete and water

the buzzing of the trees, the steaming of the leaves

i can feel the rough-stone against my hands, the wet bricks lapped by endless sands

the tumbling shadows through the branches, currents caught by the wilder-man

i hear the scraping of the twigs, theĀ breaking rustle of their twins

no one can remove thisĀ energy

from me.


To be changed

I am but a foolish girl

Alone and lost in a biting world

Its sickly sentiments smile at me

Unearthing wide grins filled with teeth
I swallow sand to drown the flames

That melt away myself within 

“Become an upgrade of yourself”

You cannot let the voices win…

Ignore them, bury them, burn them alive 

Sacrifice their gods under sacred skies

Dance on the graves of the cool and the calm

Pull apart their stitches, unravel their psalms

Find the hideous beasts within

Then enter God’s home and beckon them in. 

An evening life

Flicker, flicker
Skin will shiver
Under cloying silver gaze.
The moon is sweet
Its cold defeats
The spiking warmth of sunlit haze.

Rumble thunder
Earth that breaks
Showered earth and dirty space
Grass that stretches toward the air
Fronds that glow from sky’s despair

Whispered secrets through the trees
Leaves that laugh upon the breeze
Raindrops dance from twig to branch
Down the trunk to drown the ants

Scritching vole that scurries slow
Wandering stream with storm in tow
An earth that tilts beyond the day
Returning life to sunlit haze.

Crying, “Glory!”

Bare my flesh till all that’s left is you Jesus
Cut to my core I want nothing more than you Jesus

Break the bonds I tied myself
Come quickly lord, I crave your help

This void inside of me is deep
The motions drive it deeper still.
I pray “oh lord, my soul to keep”
Your presence makes chasms to fill.

When I seek you, heaven roars
The planets tremble to their cores
The lightning streaking down to earth
Cries glory at your perfect works.

Scarlet Snow

The shadows and stars
Reach out for my hand.
They comfort me in those moments
When you never can.
They see what you don’t
The tears you don’t know.

The whole world does grieve
O’er the first scarlet snow.
The trees carpeted in blood
Ice-frost as red as the sun.

At the day break
When the mind fog dissipates
And the world’s free of hate,
The sun gazes down
Through its liquid gold veins
Past the moon’s silver haze
At the hidden-beneath days.

Just waiting for the sun to return
And light them again
With its cold fire and soft burn
And ever-present slow-sick turn.

They see what you can’t
The tears you don’t sow.
The whole world slowly grieves
O’er the first scarlet snow,
When the world is no longer an innocent place
When the earth’s held by blood
And disdain
And pure hate.

We thought sin was safe…
We were fools! But too late…
The whole world doth grieve
O’er the first snow that lay
Scarlet in the blood light of the downtrodden day…