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Who cares! Who minds!
Let the strange-men dream their dreams. 
Let them prowl along beside my eyes
And peer through windows and seams. 

More wanderers have saved my life
Than friends I call my best
More nurses clad in comfort than the doctors they address

I scream and scream until the rawness of my voice is heard
I filter out the darknesses and go numb to the world
My coiling-strength can only take so much tension at once
Eventually the screw will break and all my shouts will burst. 


How long have now I slept 

While worry-heart within me wept
And rattled the bars of its room
And clashed like a cymbal entombed

What bitter potion silvered my eyes
To such cataracts and cobwebs
They sugar-coated the ledge, they bled into my pupils and 




My vision now strikes back, 
each poem written reacts
With the phrases dilating my gaze. 
My worries will all keep away. 

I am sorry

For that time I crushed you down

When you were just trying to help;

I was too concerned with me and Flattery:

My will became my pride, and

I looked down at you, a moment that seizes my heart with pain

To this day. 

You wanted nothing more than to make me proud and help me out

And I shut you down. 

I am gross and a coward. And my pain is pronounced

Forgive me.