I lose my breath for the ways we wept

Carving our chains from the sorrows we claim

I curse my hands as they build my plans

The coffin sized for me that I lovingly heed

Each step towards my death I shriek as I grin

I cannot stop mourning even as I descend

Why do we not cease all this clamor and doubt?

I know what will save me but I grieve anyhow

We built our own tomb-traps but we gild them and stay!

filling the rooms with silver decay

Floating our corpses in gold-blood and gloom

We’re certain this death will not be the last

We’ve died so many times in the past



One day soon my bones will dissolve

The tension inside will relax and resolve

I’ll breathe out some sparks and light up the dark

My hunger pangs ceasing as my rib cage departs.

Someday soon my pain will end

Each muscle releasing the screaming within

And every candle glowing in my blood

will rival the stars again.

Bruised and blue

Someday the world will crack open wide
The flame-lakes will surface from the inside
And those of evil and sick power-pride
Will scream in the fires their own hearts designed.

The only thing that settles my heart
A-quake with rage at rape and hurt
Is the knowledge that evil (someday!) will curl up and die.
And those who turn not from it will eternally writhe
Left only to their own fitting demise.

Forgiveness is a thing more lofty than I
Thank God I’m not god
Else I
Would smite everyone, everywhere
In their err.

(Oh, how I burn tonight at injustice, knowing full well the depths it roosts in my own flesh. Lord, forgive the damned and make well the weak. Give us hearts that beat instead of beat. )


I have not written since we parted;
Though like as not the words still started.
But quill uninked cannot create.
And ink bleeds out when broken-hearted;
So all my thoughts abate.

Now writing then, do I declare
A misery no longer there?
Or do my words in fact call up
a step of grief entrenched, revenge?
Or is it all of the above?

A silver laugh, the moon is kind
It thinks my heart is silly, too.
Rest now, it bids, and later find
A love more true than this one lost.


If ever I doubt the way my heart feels

Once again, unbidden, to my mind will spring

the image of your body, lifeless and still

wreathed in flowers as the pallbearers sing.


Just imagining this in my darkest thought

sends daggers clawing through my chest

It makes me regret each time that we’ve fought

And the longings increase to give you my best.


So if ever I look at you without my heart twinging

I will remember again, life is so very fleeting.

This place is too evanescent to doubt

that my love for you should know no bounds.