How can I serve you better, Lord, how can I earn your name

How can I be worthy of all the grace you pour on me?

You shake your head, you reach down to me

“I am everything you need.



I will praise you in agony

I will praise you in doubt

I will praise you when confusion and pain threaten to take me down

I will praise you on sleepless nights, of which there will be many

I will praise you in the heartache and the stabbing pain within me

I will praise you when the comfort flees

I’ll praise you when I’m consumed by agony

I’ll praise you

I’ll praise you

I’ll praise you all the more. 

Abba Always

No matter what I thought
He reigns;
The light obliterates the clouds,
Despite the winds and storms and rains.

And absolute and just is He,
So loving, full and strong.
His heart, it pains when ours cry out
He’s with us all along.

And even when it seems so dark,
The shadows absolute,
He sends his love to dry our tears,
For He himself has borne these wounds.

My God reminds me endlessly
That I matter after all.
His love embraces and engulfs me
I am held even as I fall.

He does
Not Mind That I am broken;
His forgiveness knows no bounds.
I can
His love for me;
As he paid in blood and thorns and bone
And died
To set me free.

A wave of what, how can it be
Crashes heavy over me
a God, THE God, has love… For me?
My heart finds hard to believe.

And yet every time, when He thinks of me, the Love he holds is true.
A God, my God, believes in me
So why can’t I love Me too?

The Greatest Romance

The greatest tale of romance told
The brightest fire, blazing bold
The lamb and lion, shepherd, sheep
All men and women, brave but meek.

A thousand breaths deliver new
The love He shows to me, to you
Frosty white on indigo skies
Remind my heart where it truly lies.

No boy-meets-girl could hold a candle
No dancing floor could ever handle
The Greatest Romance Tale of Life-
A dying world was brought new Light.

A heart burst open for the ones it loves
A Father who weeps for daughters and sons
Cynical soul, release your bitterness
Have you ever wondered what’s missing?

What beauty here, it screams so soft
It does not demand our hearts or thoughts
Rather it rings in chimes so smooth
“Come, Dear One- I’ve much to show you.”