I’ll never drown again.

the ache is making me


the gap is filling with water;

each day i realizeĀ i love her,

theĀ girl learning how to swim.



The joy radiating from your face

Gives me pause

Warmth floods in, leaving light where I was cold

I can feel the sunrays healing

Perhaps I can forgive myself now that I see

(I’m so glad to see)

How happy

You are

Without me.

Bruised and blue

Someday the world will crack open wide
The flame-lakes will surface from the inside
And those of evil and sick power-pride
Will scream in the fires their own hearts designed.

The only thing that settles my heart
A-quake with rage at rape and hurt
Is the knowledge that evil (someday!) will curl up and die.
And those who turn not from it will eternally writhe
Left only to their own fitting demise.

Forgiveness is a thing more lofty than I
Thank God I’m not god
Else I
Would smite everyone, everywhere
In their err.

(Oh, how I burn tonight at injustice, knowing full well the depths it roosts in my own flesh. Lord, forgive the damned and make well the weak. Give us hearts that beat instead of beat. )

Poem Prayer

We worship you because you are not just
Softly bowing flower heads, in gentle winds
Or shimmering raindrops come to wash the soil.
You are also mighty oaks, borne of ancient years and deep roots
And lashing, torrential showers, full of power and promise.

You are ceaseless sunshine, yes
and neverending light
but you are also the deepest, calmest night
and the depths of every sea.

you are close to me.

you are awesome, terrifying power,
razing forests like rotten toothpicks.
breaking strong diamonds like gossamer,
your might incomprehensible.

yet from this same force of fury and storm
comes a grace with infinite limits
comes a mercy the like of which
no human has ever deserved.

we run to you, with fear of you
swept up in your love and forgiveness.
i bow at your feet, trembling
you calm my heart and anoint me.

i am unworthy
you are everything
i cannot fathom anything
Lord, King Jesus, Most High, Creator and King of Light, Son of God, God of Words and Life,
spare me and my human weakness.
spare me. i long to love you. i long to be near you. forgive me and accept me. i want you in my life, Lord. i reject and rebuke ungodly human desires. fill my soul with your presence
help everyone i have ever met or passed by to know you and come to accept you.
i need you Father. your son died to set me free. thank you for raising him from the dead. amen. in Jesus’ holy name. amen.