Tensed up

At night, alone, the fear sneaks in

The worry and defense creep up my sleeves

They corner every vein and artery,

Demanding my breath and my sanity.

I will not give in, I will not give up

Love is not wrong, or evil

It floods

Love renews and restores and heals

Love is the warrior facing this fear.


Best Friends

Friendship is not money or lattes or flowers,
It’s capital letters and rambling for hours.
It’s video games, failure and horrible homework,
Stupidity, laughter and telling her first.

It’s listen-to-me, I’m-smarter-than-you,
It’s “you’re doing this wrong, let me show you,”
It’s how-did-you-miss-that, they-taught-it-in-class,
And parents saying “how do you two text so fast?”

It’s “thank you for being there” in all of your ways,
When I copied your notes on those it’s-too-much days.
Gratitude for all that you’ve done, we’ve been through,
A round of applause and hats off to you.