I wander through unknowns, shivering valleys and deeper lows

My dreams reflect the darkness new- but somehow light is shimmering too

I find myself awash in breath, a consolation in the land of death…

What waits beyond I do not know. A lonely hall dipping dark and low. I will not find what I expect-

But the Lion of Judah, prowling ahead.



Sometimes the greatest poetry…

Rage, silent storm;

Is the absence of any.

The quiet, heavy ladled

Only over the story..

Power un-endowed.

You would tell, but refuse.

Respect me, or I will blow your memory like dust into the wind.

You do not deserve any acknowledgment from my breath.


your existence sparks my heart

i ache for your embrace, the way we slid into nothingness

silence except for my shivering, the cold biting through my coat

you leaned over, speaking


then you stopped talking and i stopped listening,

you were curled over me, then you pulled me onto you as we breathed and i followed your lead, my fingers curved onto your chest, the memory eludes me, hazy at best

i remember your lips

and your teeth, and your breath

i wish i could feel it again and again

but memories will have to do until we are both

healed and ready

for this.