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I want to love someone
So that I listen to them talk
Watch their lips move on and on
Hear the waves of sound crash down

Just ‘cause I love the sound 

of their voice.


Nostalgic Prayer

Someday I’ll look back and be astounded
Someday I’ll reminisce and be amazed
at all the ways my life has changed;
tears shed for deaths we all regret —
friendships, friends, desires… dead.

Someday I’ll wonder just what happened
Where all the sunlit years have gone
My heartbeat then will go to sleep
my words will breathe no more.

I long for absolution from the starrer of the skies
the one who galaxied creation
and all the colors in your eyes.

Let my skin cease to glow
the day my colors fade.
and otherwise my spirit grow
in love and mercy night and day.


It’s a good thing

My life is not lived seeking your approval. 

Because your sideways sleights

Your quiet niggling comments that creep into my mind

They would make me miserable

If I let them. 

No more. 

You are not a friend. 

You are a leech. I am done allowing you to feed

On my blood. It belongs to me

And while I would happily donate a pint to someone in need

I refuse to let a monster use it

To grow stronger. 

Consider this ‘friendship’


I          Am.              Free. 

in the way I love you

People are confused about love

They think it must come with trappings, with decoration

They think it is bound to kisses and physical embrace

They are wrong…

Love does not have to be romantic. 

A man and a woman can love each other innocently, 

without desire, with great care and aching hearts and need and laughter and friendship, in the way 

That I 

Love you. 

Best Friends

Friendship is not money or lattes or flowers,
It’s capital letters and rambling for hours.
It’s video games, failure and horrible homework,
Stupidity, laughter and telling her first.

It’s listen-to-me, I’m-smarter-than-you,
It’s “you’re doing this wrong, let me show you,”
It’s how-did-you-miss-that, they-taught-it-in-class,
And parents saying “how do you two text so fast?”

It’s “thank you for being there” in all of your ways,
When I copied your notes on those it’s-too-much days.
Gratitude for all that you’ve done, we’ve been through,
A round of applause and hats off to you.