Well my unknowing met my feeling

And the two have gone to quarreling

They do not like to share.

And the heart-space, rarely there, has grown weary of their fight.

I will simply call it a night


I like to think of a book of mine

Lost in shelves and swallowed by time,
Long after my burdens have ceased. 
Picked up by a teen who wanders and sings
And blows off the dust which grew on its pages
In the years I’ve been consumed by my dreams. 
I like to think my far off friend
Will hold the book close to their chest;
And wander, in awe, through my joys and regrets,
And remember me long after I’m dead. 

What will be

Imagine a world of innovated creations
All at once, new colors and shapes and dimensions
A taste that’s not spicy or bitter or sour
Or any old flavor we currently devour

A painting of the color of deception
Or the shade of interest, the tone of intention
Colors we’ve never beheld or seen
Not made from the original primary three

Geometry not of lines or dots
Not solids or hollows or graphs or plots
A plush without sides or seams to undo
Instead made from something entirely new.

Imagine our minds with creation a notion
The ability to design with love and devotion
A splendid, a new, for others to enjoy
Not limited to things or paintings or toys

A whole spiraling realm with joy our assignment
Creativity, lightbulbs and time well spent
Imagine this place, a haven beyond death…
God’s Heaven is even more than these words have said.


I glance about and note some trash
eyes lingering on its curving shape.
Some remnant of a ghostly past,
like a discarded jawbone left to waste.

Not yet abandoned to the dust,
my flesh has yet to rot and die.
With time grows weak my wanderlust,
though now, today, I am alive.

Some spark of thought lights weakly here,
that some day soon my end draws near.
Then my existence too will cease,
my bones back to the earth a piece.

Will words I once breathed live again?
Beyond my grave and charred remains.
If all I wrote, I wrote in vain,
at least in life it eased my pain.

All is not lost, though earth will be,
and gain is perishing to me.
For souls survive beyond the dark,
once bitter stillness grips my heart.