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But will you move along someday
When someone else is as bright as me?
As loud, as eager, as strange and chaotic
Why stay here when others are c a l l i n g ?



I will praise you in agony

I will praise you in doubt

I will praise you when confusion and pain threaten to take me down

I will praise you on sleepless nights, of which there will be many

I will praise you in the heartache and the stabbing pain within me

I will praise you when the comfort flees

I’ll praise you when I’m consumed by agony

I’ll praise you

I’ll praise you

I’ll praise you all the more. 

Bruised and blue

Someday the world will crack open wide
The flame-lakes will surface from the inside
And those of evil and sick power-pride
Will scream in the fires their own hearts designed.

The only thing that settles my heart
A-quake with rage at rape and hurt
Is the knowledge that evil (someday!) will curl up and die.
And those who turn not from it will eternally writhe
Left only to their own fitting demise.

Forgiveness is a thing more lofty than I
Thank God I’m not god
Else I
Would smite everyone, everywhere
In their err.

(Oh, how I burn tonight at injustice, knowing full well the depths it roosts in my own flesh. Lord, forgive the damned and make well the weak. Give us hearts that beat instead of beat. )

The fight 

What suffering could ever lead to light?

Why not rip the darkness to shreds and let it burn apart

Why not kill the sickly beasts and let the Lion reign again

I am sick of Your children wandering off, my sisters and brothers, lost

To the eternal night, either slaughtered or tortured or left to rot

Their hearts full of the dark they once ceaselessly fought. 

Spare me this sorrow and spare them this life

Full of distraught and terror and hate

Choking on oxygen riddled with poisons

Missing the clean air of grace. 
You hold the power, the only truth left

To wipe out transgressions and sickness and death

Oh Child, you say to me, can you not see?

That’s exactly what I’m doing, and I start to breathe

It’s starting with you,

It’s starting with me?

Go show them the light, they must come to me freely. 

All at once I understand

You are fighting the dark, you are holding my hand

I lost sight for a moment when the shadows crowded in

But I remember again; you were slain that we would be forgiven, and live!

That evil would perish instead. 

Blood horizons

Unwilling knife-holder,

Reluctant betrayer

Folder of small paper hearts. 
Wearer of trinkets which in actuality

Are shattered disasters of lovers-to-be. 
My eyes have set on the dawn of new days

I’ve let happen what I did not want

My heart has snickered in countless new ways

now pain streaks across your horizons.