sleep aid

what does my heart detest, this
whirling, weeping mess?

I feel the sleep-chalk draw its lines
the crumbling towers, cursed vines
my time is almost done.
I can’t continue to run.



I find myself in bed again

Surrounded by my sheets. 

My exhaustion slips and twirls and bends

As I slide underneath. 
wasn’t it a moment ago,

I stood on borrowed time?

Flaunting sunlight at the sky

Which stretched out; golden; mine?
Where did the time and daylight go

Have they followed sound away?

For now the world 

Is                 Still

And soft; its melodies relinquished —

They sink dreamily by, 

unharmed, undiminished. 

12:01 AM

My nose is running
It’s midnight and the Z’s won’t stay
To serenade my mind and distract it
From the drifting dewy day.

So I peer at rectangles of light
And pray that when I close my eyes,
They will shut to stay;
Just while earth is fasting from
The sun.
(This happens every day-
Night, and I can’t escape the no-
Light, but what can I do? The mind wants
To think
As the heart wants
what it wants, I think.)