Storm inside

I know Your character because I find it through my own

My tiny heart confronts the dark;
With courage, the unknown
yet despite my swirling stars,
a simple breath is all we are

a puff of sigh-frost,
caught upon a spiky breeze
fading to the skeptic night
while jagged currents lash the trees.

Anxious eyes

Nightly searing flames devour

Sicknesses that kept me sane. 

I lose it all when moonlight calls

And silence claims my mind again. 
Knock, knock, the branches come tumbling

Snare me in their jumbled arms

The rotten wood that lives in my bones

Screams at me to set it aflame. 
Blurry eyes see blurry paths

And stumble down them wrongly;

An hour spent in lost lament

The cost of vision that worries.