Perfect love casts out fear

Terror initiates
Calls me in so sickly-sweet.
“You can’t afford to turn away,”
It hisses, haunting me.
Ignore the light, ignore the day.

Nothing is real except the fear
It burns inside
An acid in my heart
Too late, I took the poison
It’s curled up, hissing.
Drifting smoke bleeds
From my nose
Can Love stop the ache inside?

The bones around your heart are cinders
Embers that will never die
Unless the Enemy’s taunts are lies…

Is this world what you really want?

Get used to carrying lead in your belly
Cold and dark and sickly heavy
This world says the only way
To live on is by locking it all away.

You can’t wear emotions on your sleeve
You can’t let them see you try to believe
The world will laugh along at you
Sad little one, what can you do?

Let the weight pile up inside
Feel the cold and shadowy night
Ignore the warmth of the beckoning light
Use fear, not taste or smell or sight.