Lord, please help me

Have mercy on your child.

I feel the crushing weight of wind;

But it’s from inside, it’s from inside.

Grant peace to my fluttering soul

Still my quaking heart of bone

Rescue me from this FLESHY PRISON

I hate my thoughts and how my mind won’t


Free me from this place of loss.

Send rescue to this island of thought.

I’m trapped here now, but there once was a bridge

I walked here on my own, or was I convinced?

I hate this place, the burden-sky

How heavy the weight of remaining alive

I’m tired of pouring, this pitcher is dry

I’m weary of helping, this world would not mind

If I shriveled and gave in and gave up and died…

Fill me back up


I can no longer try



A laugh, a smile, a burst of light

Quickly killed by the sand inside

I parade alive, but the stars have died;

I’m sorry, which me was i supposed to


This time?


I no longer crave the Roma-life

I want an end to my internal strife
I don’t want new colors, or feelings, or fear
I want something solid and safe, and real

I’m tired of thrills, of feeling these highs
The lows with which they are tangled are not worth the skies
I’m sick of the endless shrieking in my mind
I don’t want to be homeless, I want someone to


stop letting me wander. Give me a home. I’m tired of sorrow, the tragic-alone

Please someone convince me I’m sane
The world grows in volume

if I …….. this path I’ll be …. anyway

feel the weight of lost souls like no steel could ever hold;

I feel the weakness of all the strong hearts

As they fall into the dark. 
I cannot dispel this raging storm of agony and flame

I cannot seek a numbing relief for my soul-madness and pain

Instead i beseech in twisted tongues for those who breathe with shallow lungs

I gouge the tears from my own eyes

And remember, with peace, why He came and died.