Love conquers a multitude of sins

Once there was a boy. He was alright. He thought he knew what he wanted in life, but for some reason, everything just left him empty. Over time, things got worse. He was hurt many times by many people, even his own family.

The boy became very broken.

There was also a girl. She was alright. Death came for her a few times, but she lived. She thrived, and God placed his blessing on her. She was favored. But favor doesn’t mean everything is easy. The girl suffered a lot. She faced many trials. God never left her. And he allowed the suffering to leave its mark- as its mark was the shadow left behind by all the times she had been delivered. No suffering, no miracle.

So she was very broken too.

The boy and the girl met. They fell in love. Against many odds they built something, and it was mostly good. They treated each other well. They sacrificed for each other. They wanted to see the best and the most beautiful of each other.

The girl sought to help heal the boy, and the boy sought to help heal the girl.

But darkness from the past wasn’t done with the girl or the boy. It showed up many times, in many ways. It was a complicated and painful relationship from the beginning. They faced many trials. And they grew through many trials. And many trials were faced together that would have been near impossible alone.

And however much, their faith grew.

Time passed and the growing slowed. It even began to crumble. It was no longer a place of healing. The girl and the boy were not quite strong enough to give their best to each other. Pain and distrust and panic were destroying the goodness they’d built.

So, tears flooding freely, all other escapes exhausted, they said goodbye…

And God said this was crucial for the boy’s faith. The girl, still in agony, tried to be comforted by this. He told the girl not to fear the giants in life.

He told the girl to remember his promise- that he always finishes what he starts.

So the girl is praying and waiting and hoping. She knows it will get better, and the crippling-pain will cease, and the agonizing emptiness clawing a nest inside her will be chased away one day. She is stubbornly and insistently praising the Creator, remembering his promise:

I will finish what I started in you.

The girl knows that God isn’t done with the boy, either.

The giants will fall.

This Girl

There is this

She twirls in front of dark windows
And stares out them
And she must be seeing her reflection.

For it is far too dark to see anything out there, other than her own deep eyes gazing back at her
Unless she’s imagining the world
And its billions of trillions of shards of souls, and soul-dust just floating, flickering, wicks of endless candle, simply showing off and spiraling in the darkness; maybe she sees flame, casting light where light by all rights should never be, because the Night owns some parts of the world; but there is the fire anyway, guttering but Alive, raking the shadows to shreds with its insistent rays, existing, twirling, spiraling with the joy of living and fighting and roaring quietly but persistently;

maybe that is what
The Girl sees outside her window
In the very very cold abyssal yawning night.

But I’m pretty sure
She just likes to dance in front of the darkened glass.

And maybe her own flame
Is fed by that dance.


I have a piece of Iceland.
It sits upon my desk.
Sand and chinks of shells,
The Iceland sun once blessed.

I have a piece of Iceland’s shore
The pebbly land is land no more.
Now it bobs in corked glass seas
Forlornly as it watches me.

When I die, please bury me
Or else scatter what’s left of me;
By Iceland’s northern coast.
It’s only fair to give and take;
I stole their shore, for Heaven’s sake.