a prerequisite to springtime

i see a beautiful tree, leaves

tumbling from its boughs

outstretched limbs, relief in letting go

a burden never meant to carry



she lets the breeze

borrow the load;

she lets the river

carry off her sorrow.


each crumbling memory

no longer rooted in pain

an autumn death which

brings renewal and

new breath.

Welcome Sunrise

Late at night and I contemplate
Your glory beyond my mind.
I wonder with Small strength, just what lies ahead this new morning for the earth.
what destiny have you prepared for me? what new steps, what new praises, what new psalms? how will i
so tiny, insignificant, crumbling
and inadequate
how will i serve your might
how will i stand before your perfection, trembling,
bleeding dishonesty and doubt?

even as darkness bowls me over
and the wavering mirages worry me in;
my God, the Lamb, alone He stands
as shadows writhe before Him!

i bow my head in broken awe
unable, exhausted, distressed
yet the throne of the one and only King
is here for the weak, the sick, the depressed.

so i approach
and He knights me with light
and my screaming-mind is over.
i am small-strength no more.

New beginning

Be with me this journey
Guide my chalky hands
I am so impermanent
Each day I fall again

Do not let me crack the ice
I do not wish to drown
My heart is flooded by your face
Though tears spill ever down

New life, new days
Refresh my tired soul in you
Empty the bones and blood and ash
And help me feel again.