Father, it weighs heavy on me

The numbness of this world

My soul is caught twixt earth and stone;

I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be.

I write, but no one cares to read

I call, but there is no answering

Someday I may settle this flighty breeze

But for now…

each current pulls silently.


Christmas ramblings

Dark hands fetch

My sodden mind

Dark words fed

By sullen rhyme.

Alone and lost

Each numbed-up thought

Escapes to question me.

Who am i now?

What do I seek, entrapped

Here by my own


Alone and confused

The ripples elude

I cannot find

Their center.

Each frozen stream

Unsourced, unseen, it

Tangles up my path.

I speak aloud to

Air them out

Though not a word is meant.

How do I leave? Who should i keep?

Why fight this all again? If i could flee

And be somebody, then

Who & where would I be?

If any wish could be my life,

What then would it look like?