El fin

Mismo, mismo, no puedo entender

You court and ferry illnesses although it isn’t fair

Verde, verde, me duele el corazón

I look and see similarity…

Same eyes same lies same



Nostalgic Prayer

Someday I’ll look back and be astounded
Someday I’ll reminisce and be amazed
at all the ways my life has changed;
tears shed for deaths we all regret —
friendships, friends, desires… dead.

Someday I’ll wonder just what happened
Where all the sunlit years have gone
My heartbeat then will go to sleep
my words will breathe no more.

I long for absolution from the starrer of the skies
the one who galaxied creation
and all the colors in your eyes.

Let my skin cease to glow
the day my colors fade.
and otherwise my spirit grow
in love and mercy night and day.

Gentle words

How dare you look at her like that
Like a broken toy to pity
There is pain inside her heart unknown
Her burden is already heavy

Shame is not the tool of love
Love does not scream out our mistakes
It does not look down at him just because
He owns scars that he cannot erase

Love guides brokenness home to be healed
Love soothes every wound from your pain and despair
The wretchedness, crying and heart-torn-up loss
Can be replaced with the love that your sorrows had lost.