Open doors are invitations

Haunting curses, lamentations

Seal the entrance, bar the wound

Make your heart a gravel tomb.



my hapless heart bows in contrition

i seek absolution from the starrer of the skies

He looks softly at me, love-light glowing

winds of time swirling like the surging sea

His throne is flawless, I cannot gaze

he calls me closer but my fear invades

how can i approach such perfection as He?

I collapse in awe of the power I see

Jesus, please




I feel like I never said your name,


You only ever said mine. 

So long we wandered around together, and

How much time did I spend

Trying to… hide?
I was a monster in love with my reflection now I will say his name and love the taste of the inflection please help me stop this sad obsession make me someone by making me no one.