I feel watery today, unsure of myself, unable to

Bring the peace I crave so deep in my soul

Who will help me? Who will hold me?

Not this earth, not these


As lost as me


Is the only stillness

In this whirling chaos.



Sometimes the greatest poetry…

Rage, silent storm;

Is the absence of any.

The quiet, heavy ladled

Only over the story..

Power un-endowed.

You would tell, but refuse.

Respect me, or I will blow your memory like dust into the wind.

You do not deserve any acknowledgment from my breath.


Difficult to verbalize,
Impossible to deny.
A growing, gnawing, empty-filling

Real, intense, dependent isolation;
A furiously strong intention.
Expanding truth, aching eyes,
Heavy hearts designed to cry.

This deepening, this flowing flood
This hurtling rush of dizzying blood.
The colors I see are monochromatic to me
Beside your eyes, the oceans I breathe.