Do you ever think about me?

Do you wonder how I am?

Since you left, since you left

Do you fight off what reminds you of me

Cast it out and then

Pretend we never met?

I know I touched your heart, I know

I hit some vein

If you ever come this way

Will you let the light back in?

I don’t know all your darkness, I

Don’t know all your pain

I’m sure whatever trauma stalks you

Ripped you from this place

But if the stars speak softly to you

Of love and easy grace,

Remember all the words I sent you

Remember then my face.



Faux-like, foxgloves

know I am in love

many reasons, one being

the people on the screen… with their perfect, flawlessly manicured romances

Do not hold a candle

To my own.

I feel no jealousy, no longing

no loneliness, no haunting

Just quizzical – are these the same stories

that left me heart-hungry so long before?

Now I see but a shadow

of the love we have to explore.

These Hollywood bouquets are nothing 

to him and me.