your existence sparks my heart

i ache for your embrace, the way we slid into nothingness

silence except for my shivering, the cold biting through my coat

you leaned over, speaking


then you stopped talking and i stopped listening,

you were curled over me, then you pulled me onto you as we breathed and i followed your lead, my fingers curved onto your chest, the memory eludes me, hazy at best

i remember your lips

and your teeth, and your breath

i wish i could feel it again and again

but memories will have to do until we are both

healed and ready

for this.


The Silk Lullaby

Night-dark steals into your bed
And as the darkness grows
For you, my most beloved
I’ll stay until it goes.

Let not the shadows whisper
Or haunt your lovely dreams
I’ll chase off every shiver
And hold you close to me.

Black silk may come to taunt you
And steal away your rest
But I will sing as lovers do
Of how together we are blessed.

If ever I am not with you
When the stars covet your sleep
Dear one, sing this tune
My love, just think of me.