To fall asleep with thoughts of you
While rain paints endless winding tunes
On all my windowsills
Is surely more than I deserve.

To wonder if your heartbeat sleeps
As soundly in your arms as I
Is a question for another life.



Anxious eyes

Nightly searing flames devour

Sicknesses that kept me sane. 

I lose it all when moonlight calls

And silence claims my mind again. 
Knock, knock, the branches come tumbling

Snare me in their jumbled arms

The rotten wood that lives in my bones

Screams at me to set it aflame. 
Blurry eyes see blurry paths

And stumble down them wrongly;

An hour spent in lost lament

The cost of vision that worries. 


My heart is full of stars
I can’t sleep but for the heat.
When I try and close my eyes,
The sky looms down on me.

I don’t mean to pluck the lights away
Or hide them all inside
But the filling-feeling must be felt
And so I beam and sing my light.

Why, no, I haven’t named a single one
Or felt the comets strike the sun
The radiance is blinding me
Within this brilliant cut-glass sea.

My heart is full of stars, you see
They dance and loop far within me
None stop their celestial parade
From trumpeting the light of day.