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I’ve fought a thousand battles trying to find you, searching for some infinite desire that would anchor me to another

I found nothing and no one

Only dust. 

Just shadows full of twinkling promise,
Remnants of love; so I kept looking
And I discovered strength instead of companionship. 

Dignity instead of desire. 

in place of longing. 
And I am free of binding chains; now I search languidly, with expectation


Of desperation.


An unrequested love poem

It’s moments when I’m doing homework way too late at night, and worship music is playing softly in the background,

And I glancingly think about how I’m not having lunch with you tomorrow because it’s a Wednesday, not a Tuesday or a Thursday,

And there’s this twinge inside and the Thought just rudely pushes past my mental barriers,

Announcing itself and settling and sending its inky self-assured fingers into my heart, where I feel its strength resonate

And I drop my pen and look up and out the dark frosted window in shock, looking for who said those words which pronounced themselves so clearly in my mind, 

but there is only my worn reflection staring back, like the words echoed defiantly out of some faded inner conscious where poems are born and die. 

“I love him.”

So I shake myself and write some shadowy half-formed unfair sentiment about this gripping proclamation

And then I wearily lift a thermometer to my ear and check my temperature once more 

before continuing to copy down my calculus homework from the textbook, unburdened. 

broken poem

Utterly alone

Bleeding and broken and lashed with hatred, shame
Laughed at and mocked in the darkest of hours
As even father looked away.

Scorned and forgotten, abandoned by all
More alone than anyone has ever been.

Yet we cry out after a moment of darkness, a second of fear
We cannot stand to face the shadows on our own
you, You died in solitude to grant us a reprieve from the night
i cannot fathom how blessed i am to know this age, where you are so close and graceful
so kind and gentle
i know one day you will judge us all and i am NOT ENOUGH


thank you …

Lord Jesus keep reminding me

That I am not a word;

Nay, not even a sentence

Or a collection of worried breath.
Say it to me again and again

Tell me the worth I have within

I am finding it hard to focus

When the world costs so much to be in. 
Not ‘Christian’ or ‘human’ or ‘lover’ or ‘friend’,

Not ‘person’ or ‘purpose’ or ‘pathetic’ or ‘pretty’. 

I am not words, I am not phrases

More so than ‘me’ 

I am an example of the one true King’s grace and majesty. 

What I want

Normally I am this bouncing ball of energy and loudness
Social lightning rippling through my veins like fire
Now I am pensive
I think and reflect and wonder and smooth words do not drop from my lips like river pebbles
For the first time in my life

I feel shyness like a thick cloak about me
Covering and protecting but inhibiting
I am afraid to be me
Or me has become less;
Whatever it is, I do not think I like it
I want to return to how and who I was before
Loud like the sunrise, shattering into the world
A new dawn, rudely eclipsing the calm night
Blazing with fierce self respect, ready to lead the new horizon beyond itself.

(But what I want may not be what is best for me. Perhaps God has a plan that is as of yet murky in my sight. I will trust and follow. He knows my desires and also my needs.)

Dilute the night with their calm;
And the storm clouds roll
Through the chasms of earth
That crack against the dawn.

Intangible colors that seem so far away
They sweep through shores of littered minds
And leave behind words to say.

It is quite the splendid constellation
When all our thoughts align;
And finally, more fought for than won
We know ourselves inside.

Insecure in Me, Secure in Him

I’m terrified that my proclivity
Is intense and hollow jealousy
Why else would, deep inside of me,
I feel these claws of some painful thing?

You are beautiful, friend, and I am afraid
What if I turn out to be not enough?
Your eyes are brighter, you’re wonderfully made
Who here is the better of us?

Certainly everyone would choose you,
Or her, or her. The improvements increase.
I cannot seem to grasp the truth
That no one can be compared to me.

I am me, and that girl is she
There is no almost, no in-between
If our souls share no commonality-we are wholly unique, as He declares it to be-
Then why should I stagger with insecurity?
Precious Lord, give worth to me.

I am found in You alone.