true love?

What a growing pain inside me
All this ache within entombed
It stills my heart, it’s hard to breathe
Surely this pain will lessen soon?

I did not know that hearts could bleed
Out salt and water through eyes and frowns
Unaware that love affects time’s speed
And makes the pace of life slow down.

Why, I can feel the tears inside
Surely soon they’ll come to life
And carry my feelings through.

Alas, instead the gnawing grows
And the hole inside me shows
How my heart truly belongs with you.


Blades of Memory

Why do the grass blades remind me of you

As the wind flows and taps on their heads?

Why does the rain as it falls sing your name

Why does my stomach refuse cheese and bread?

The pavement is warm and the steam rises slow

My thoughts of you break me, my spirits are low.

The cold touches my arms and I shiver alone

Wishing your embrace in the place of a coat.