A song about a soy latte

i have fallen in love

so swiftly, painfully
tears stroke my eyes
the words rang so TRUE and the haunting-thoughts KNEW
i would feel what i felt
in the thrumming of the harp.

but the lyrics flew and caught my heart
so i fell in love
with a shooting star.


Where is this going

Slicing through the storm, we’re brought beyond, before

Rosy eyes and pale moon-white

Cheeks of porcelain dust. 
Stabbing colors sicken me

And tears march to my eyes, you see

As suddenly then as I wanted him gone

I felt love blossom just as strong.  

The Silk Lullaby

Night-dark steals into your bed
And as the darkness grows
For you, my most beloved
I’ll stay until it goes.

Let not the shadows whisper
Or haunt your lovely dreams
I’ll chase off every shiver
And hold you close to me.

Black silk may come to taunt you
And steal away your rest
But I will sing as lovers do
Of how together we are blessed.

If ever I am not with you
When the stars covet your sleep
Dear one, sing this tune
My love, just think of me.

Some far-away

If I ever were to indulge
Allow myself the misery
Of imagining a time and place
Where you did not love me;

Well in that place, in such a gap
Would you suffer me to win you back?
Say you’d let me sing a tune
Say you’d hear me call to you.

Certainly in my imaginings
My voice has left your remembering
Surely a hum of love from me
Would jar your loveless memory

In such a far-away; another sky, another day,
Where all the “ifs” in mind coalesce
And form between us a lovelessness,
Such a place is silly, yet haunts nonetheless.

So if in some space and time you’d find
That you did not wish to be called mine
Oh promise me a simple thing
In that place swear to hear me sing.