The daylight is here and my fear

Should be gone

The darkness, like mist

Evaporates from the lawn

My star-gazing, sugar-cubes

Flung in the sky

The current of pain where the Milky Way lies

I should be whole and peaceful and still

Instead I choose tumult

and mudslicks, and the pills I abhor;

My hands gleefully wretched with dark oil-spills.

Let my heart still and stir the river no more.



My heart is full of stars
I can’t sleep but for the heat.
When I try and close my eyes,
The sky looms down on me.

I don’t mean to pluck the lights away
Or hide them all inside
But the filling-feeling must be felt
And so I beam and sing my light.

Why, no, I haven’t named a single one
Or felt the comets strike the sun
The radiance is blinding me
Within this brilliant cut-glass sea.

My heart is full of stars, you see
They dance and loop far within me
None stop their celestial parade
From trumpeting the light of day.

Poker chips

Once I found long words to sculpt
To morph the way I felt;
Now I am brevity
An anxiety shorter than breath,
A love lost in tumultuous age
Tears shed- always in yesterday.

Poker chips are in the sky
Flung there when the losers cry
Poker chips, broken in
The stars and moon will play again.

Never again,
Will I vow
Baited on by intoxication
A churning inside caused by
Infantile infatuation.

My words

I will dance alone until the stars break even with the moon.

Dilute the night with their calm;
And the storm clouds roll
Through the chasms of earth
That crack against the dawn.

Intangible colors that seem so far away
They sweep through shores of littered minds
And leave behind words to say.

It is quite the splendid constellation
When all our thoughts align;
And finally, more fought for than won
We know ourselves inside.

At Home

The deepest eyes I’ve ever seen,
From the lightest gaze I’ve ever known.
I lose me through jade galaxies,
To call this us my own.

The stars within you cry aching tunes
They dance harmony I never knew
I wonder what I could possibly do
To communicate my love for you

Your heartbeat throbs in calming whispers
Like an endless train on midnight track
It resonates as metal shivers
While lights shimmer in voids of black.

So if it fades from memory,
The completeness we know
Just go back to the song-filled water
Gaze upon the gauzy black
Of skies with lights that echo our path
And listen to the rumbling of the sonorous midnight track.

“Peace, dear one; I will always come back
To you.”

The Farming Sky

Bending mats of twigs and trees
branches woven in flutt’ring green
The forests reach with hopeful arms
to touch the gleaming flesh of stars.

The moon takes pity on a lonely path
its aching heart lit up at last.
The skies are thrown as endless fields
as wheaty stars wave on midnight teal.

A million breaths coalesce to form
a single glimpse of light in the storm.
The writhing giants of flame and light
sputter their lives to star the night.

The forest waits in agony
to test the limits of its reach.
It stretches further to caress the sky
as the starlit heavens flow sparkling by.