I simply want to peruse the view

Circle ’round the vultures, catch the pieces they strew.

A syllable here, a vowel or two,

The cannibalized chunks of the wording we do.

I’m waiting for permission, but they’re circling lower

They don’t want to share

And that’s fair

But I’m starving.


What fetid hope that sinks so low

Has crept in on the chilling wings

My silver soul has wept in cold

Distraught for futures yet unknown. 
Destroy in me this lauded right

To happiness each day and night;

Instead compose more righteous clothes

Of eager hunger for your soul. 
I need not change, nor speech, nor

Eyes alight upon my success. 

Retrieve in me the yearning for

Your love, which left me dispossessed. 

to be human, alone

Climb the ladder, join the ranks! 

Coffins sing your praise. 

Fall in line (learn to let go)

Complete the rhyme —

“I’m only human, I suppose.”


As rivers of annihilation worsen human sin

Saturated storms of poison writhe within their tins

Find a can of spoiled food, cure the ills inside of you

Laugh and snap an empty dream to hear its lonely breaking-scream

Fight with teeth to cut your friends, kill the ones who helped you win. 

You should enjoy your rusted crown 


beware this most of all;

don’t fall (as you follow)

For nothing lives in the deep dark below.