What light can exist without a flame

What father without a son?

What tree can thrive without the sky

Full of fire as warm as love?
I do not think that I either

Could live without your light. 

For even surrounded by Death-words,

My language is filled with your might. 
I struggle in this ocean of oxygen, 

I scrape by only on bread and meat. 

My soul is starved, my heart out-bled

And my spirit can find nought to eat. 
Give me the food of the golden suns

Give me what fuels the skies. 

Sick of crawling, this endless run

Has struck my spirit blind. 
Again, you call me near to you. 

Softly then my heartaches are known. 

I fall into deepness and still you call,

You command me to return to my home. 
So I run, done with crawling,

with the faux joyful face. 

I am warmer already

By the light of your gaze. 
And I run, now with joy

I run free from pain

I run to your feet

Where I can finally 




true love?

What a growing pain inside me
All this ache within entombed
It stills my heart, it’s hard to breathe
Surely this pain will lessen soon?

I did not know that hearts could bleed
Out salt and water through eyes and frowns
Unaware that love affects time’s speed
And makes the pace of life slow down.

Why, I can feel the tears inside
Surely soon they’ll come to life
And carry my feelings through.

Alas, instead the gnawing grows
And the hole inside me shows
How my heart truly belongs with you.