To kiss him

I missed him, and I

Didn’t listen

And now it’s

Too late


Blood horizons

Unwilling knife-holder,

Reluctant betrayer

Folder of small paper hearts. 
Wearer of trinkets which in actuality

Are shattered disasters of lovers-to-be. 
My eyes have set on the dawn of new days

I’ve let happen what I did not want

My heart has snickered in countless new ways

now pain streaks across your horizons. 

without saying a word

I watch the stupid checkered shirts that look so good on you disappear down the way

Dark hair lost in the crowd

Part of my heart goes to sleep when you leave; a pint of my blood that will never bleed. 

And I want to remember

With every fiber of my stupid useless heart

That day you were around,

I was near;

You marched straight through the crowd 

and wrapped your arms around me

No words

No greeting

Just arms and contact and an exclamation from me,

Asking if you were alright

Because you never hug anyone. 

And I cherish that night —

when you opened up your heart to me

Without ever saying anything at all.