At Home

The deepest eyes I’ve ever seen,
From the lightest gaze I’ve ever known.
I lose me through jade galaxies,
To call this us my own.

The stars within you cry aching tunes
They dance harmony I never knew
I wonder what I could possibly do
To communicate my love for you

Your heartbeat throbs in calming whispers
Like an endless train on midnight track
It resonates as metal shivers
While lights shimmer in voids of black.

So if it fades from memory,
The completeness we know
Just go back to the song-filled water
Gaze upon the gauzy black
Of skies with lights that echo our path
And listen to the rumbling of the sonorous midnight track.

“Peace, dear one; I will always come back
To you.”

Of Elements in a Deeper Sense

Fire & darkness, water & light,

The betrayal of flames to the sure-sleeping night.

What face flows like a shadow, in the shade of rippling trees,

as the river is forgotten and the world knows unease?


Read the flames and flickering sparks.

The smoking coals and watery hearth.

See the elusive colors flare,

Of water, earth, flame and air.


What comes when elements’ designs,

Become one in a clap of light?

And all we know beyond the fire,

Becomes unbearably dark and bright?


To hold to the shadows where flames once thrived,

To breathe in the insistence of unbroken night.

Fighting back terror and seeking respite –

Look, the Light! We’ve been found by it.