Nonsenset run

Wherevet you go, the starting-men are

The wharmint-bends follow, the night thickly stars

A cluster of deep/traps, a medallion of art

The trinksy devoid of the callousy-part.

To Whomevet you speak, from Whenevet you run

The slow-laughing lords with their jesting and fun

Will find you and bind you for memories to make

As we all settle down at the table to wait.


Father, it weighs heavy on me

The numbness of this world

My soul is caught twixt earth and stone;

I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be.

I write, but no one cares to read

I call, but there is no answering

Someday I may settle this flighty breeze

But for now…

each current pulls silently.


it still hits me like deep chills,

wind that flows in my bones, without any right to frost my skin

yet it does, it does

the tantalizing taste of life, the lightning-bolt-belief of light

i feel as though no one has lived before me,

how could any exist in this same place

without crumbling into dust?

I swear my intensity is unmatched

i promise the iron that crystallizes in my blood is unmet by predecessors

who are you to challenge me? i can’t even breathe

your air

this place is foreign and i will blink until the sun sets on

all these wasted words.


Let spill the sizzling hilt of sword

that dams your flooding blood with steel

the lapping blade, its greedy stains

which bring the coping rain.


My vision blurs, I sink and swirl

and every cell within.

my poison will never win

I vomit ink to cure the meat

of pages of empty sin.


Make me a steak of refusal-fate

and I’ll spit in my hand and grin.

I’ll slay whatever filthy hound

would cut my bile with gin.


I don’t know who I am when all these wordlets nip my skin