Here is where the uncertainty unfolds

The fear surrounds and threatens now

But I will lift my voice above the roar

I will scream your praise in the lashing storm

There is no flood that can sweep your love away

My flesh may fail but my God, YOU REMAIN.



Let spill the sizzling hilt of sword

that dams your flooding blood with steel

the lapping blade, its greedy stains

which bring the coping rain.


My vision blurs, I sink and swirl

and every cell within.

my poison will never win

I vomit ink to cure the meat

of pages of empty sin.


Make me a steak of refusal-fate

and I’ll spit in my hand and grin.

I’ll slay whatever filthy hound

would cut my bile with gin.


I don’t know who I am when all these wordlets nip my skin