Read the words

You drive me CRAZY

Every word like slivers of ice

Digging in my brain and melting

Leaving no trace but the damage they’ve done. 

I fear what will follow this infatuation

I fear who I may end up

Will the winds of love erode my eyes

Til I cannot see without your help?


Anxious eyes

Nightly searing flames devour

Sicknesses that kept me sane. 

I lose it all when moonlight calls

And silence claims my mind again. 
Knock, knock, the branches come tumbling

Snare me in their jumbled arms

The rotten wood that lives in my bones

Screams at me to set it aflame. 
Blurry eyes see blurry paths

And stumble down them wrongly;

An hour spent in lost lament

The cost of vision that worries. 

We All Stumble

Worth is not books or a film or a show,
The places you’ve been or the people you know.
Value knows not a master so true,
As the Lord of the stars – for He treasures you.

Place not your name in mortal things,
Or glimm’ring words that hauntingly sing.
Protect yourself against groundless thoughts –
Place your heart in His hands for the peace He has bought.

Worry not, dear child, over relations nor finance;
Do not let your weary heart be troubled.
You are safe in His arms, take part in His dance,
He will catch you each time you stumble.