A beautiful banquet
of fires and wind
of tearing down and breaking up,
of destroying all that's ever been.

a serene river of magma
in the flow of its tread
fall the paths of the broken
and their shadows, long dead.

in the tiresome shudder
of an illness long gone
in the ghosts of another
lives a future, right and strong.


i miss people and things, smiles and good times. i miss the days where i felt mostathome,
those days i wasn’t alone.
“Force, a silent breath of strength
placing time three steps behind.
Pushing back beyond all space,
moments in a moment-less time.

A push, a pull, a sequence of strength
not beyond our limits, not beyond our mindslength
but always beyond our force, always beyond our toils.
Always beyond our eyes, invisible to sight.

Driving winds and pouring rain,
and all the time I thought it vain.
To sit outside and wish to be,
one with all the strength I see.

Just a force of breath, a breeze,
fighting back the trees’ strong grip.
All this courage, this force I see,
and of the ice-burg, it’s only the tip.”

just another broken sketch of words
waiting for another chance to shine
when in reality it lies broken and lost
wishing for new life, no matter what the cost.


We’re all here for a reason. i only hope we don’t forget it.
“Smooth as silk the stars at night
velvet in the sky’s pale light
Flowing ever down and under
Cold and frosty, rumbling thunder.
A stream, a river of broken dreams
chilled to the touch and silent it seems.
Never forget the way by the water,
for all the way we’ve come, we’re together no longer…”

“don’t you know who you are?

what has been done for you,
don’t you know who you are?
you are more than the choices that you’ve made,
you are more than the sum of your past mistakes. you are more than the problems you create. you’ve been remade.” -Tenth Avenue North

“Sinking slow,
darkness in hand
a crafted ball of flame a-burning
slowly sinking down into
the depths of darkness, no light’s discerning
all beyond
the flames of light
we’re sinking down into
this faded and depthless
primordial night.”

what we’re hiding from, behind our screens and fake smiles.

it’s just me. no more or less

So I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long, long time. I’m finally getting around to doing it! The chances of people actually reading it are, like, zilch, but I need a place to express and post things I’ve written. So here’s one to start with.
“Broken laughing filled the room
carried on a swift wind’s breath.
Don’t wonder, love, sleep comes soon,
sleep, silence, poisoned death..

We’re all together in despair,
as lovely thoughts are tainted.
Haunted laughing fills the air,
as an ominous picture is painted.” ~