Is this world what you really want?

Get used to carrying lead in your belly
Cold and dark and sickly heavy
This world says the only way
To live on is by locking it all away.

You can’t wear emotions on your sleeve
You can’t let them see you try to believe
The world will laugh along at you
Sad little one, what can you do?

Let the weight pile up inside
Feel the cold and shadowy night
Ignore the warmth of the beckoning light
Use fear, not taste or smell or sight.


I do not ask
That you live your life remembering the gap by your side
I do not want
You to waste your thoughts until day becomes the lonely night
I could not imagine
You full of melancholy when I am gone
You are so full of life and fire
Sickness in your soul I would never want to see
I would not wish it for the world
Live your life and heed not any ache for me

But I ask, in your stillness
When their attention is no longer resting on you
When you have a moment free;
That you gaze off into a different time
And lose yourself
With me.