Alloys and glitter and sparkling tin,

Faded old crayons and feather-plumes thin.

Puffballs of cotton and worn out stitches,

Gray patched-up sweaters and threadbare britches.


Cold metal rings, long abandoned and lost,

Rusty food platters with flowers embossed.

Chipped garden pots and lost-handle mugs,

Sagging bean bags and whiskerless pugs.


Sunken-in bed frames and mattresses stained,

Sad santa hats and painted candy canes.

Charlie-Brown trees and ornaments broken,

Diaries brimming with secrets unspoken.


Cracked plastic buttons and dull dirty sneakers,

Green neon pencils and broken down bleachers.

Gleaming sharp cans and pop caps as well,

These are the things a junkyard would sell.


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